Padua, ancient university city, conserves numerous testimonies of its glorious artistic and cultural past, that make it a destination for tourists from all over the world!

Padua is a city full of beauty, and this can be seen in places like the restored Building of Reason and the Loggia of the Carraresi family that bears witness to the splendor of the Carraresi rule, in the Chapel of the Scrovegni with its precious frescoes by Giotto, in sculptures by Donatello or in the more modern lines of the Libeskinds monument.

It is a walk amongst the magnificence of old buildings, amongst the spirituality breathed in the Churches – amongst the Basilicas of St. AnthonySt. Justin (Santa Giustina), the Duomo with its Roman Baptistery, amongst the daily bustle of the city markets of the Piazza delle Erbe amongst the grandeur of Prato della Valle and under the millenary porticos.

Today, this creative and dynamic city is alive with markets, piazzas, refined restaurants, old osterias, and tables of the historical bars like Caffè Pedrocchi or the fashionable venues where the locals meet for the ritual of the aperitif.

We await you at the Hotel Imperia in the center of Jesolo Lido on the Bafile shopping street and just 100 meters from the private beach

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